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About Mojofluxx

MojoFluxx - Rap Vocalists/Live Pa's from Bolton, Greater Manchester consisting of Al English (A.K.A Dweller - Vocals & Production) and Alex Gillott (A.K.A G-Illy - Vocals). Both have colourful and diverse musical backgrounds and their decision to collaborate together was an interesting move from the start. The sound is a fusion of furiously addictive rap vocals merged with a unique blend of Bass Heavy House Music which is produced either in house or with the help of an ever-growing list of underground artists! MojoFluxx deliver an intense live performance and rapidly  made a name for
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    We have added some more March/April/May dates on the 'Events' section of the page, hope to see you...
    Runners Up – Exxposure
    What a night we had at Exxposure - Bowlers, Manchester last Saturday! Around 7000 clubbers united together for a night of epic proportions in a venue that has been held in high regard since the early days. MojoFluxx performed in both the the DEEP HOUSE & CLIMAX Arenas and were fortunate to win RUNNERS UP for the best act in the Deep House arena!!! Read More...